Monday, July 22, 2013


I know, I haven't been a good blogger lately. Times passes so fast and really tends to get a way from me... Let's see now, what has been going on??

1) You know I went to Manchester for MQX. that was in April........seems like yesterday. Oh yes, did I mention that Jane Gold and I won a Second place at MQX??????
2)  You have seen the beautiful garden that we have had this summer:
As off today it is much fuller than it appears in this picture. However, Columbia and much of South Carolina has received copious amounts of rain this summer. All of the rain has caused the garden to basically drown.

We did manage to get a dozen or so ears of corn, a really good crop of potatoes, and some really good green beans before all of the rains came,

South Carolina has been in drought mode for a couple of years. After this summer.......that should be over.

3)  Pat and I spent a few days with other members of QSC at a "Summer Sew-in". Pat was pretty sick, but, she hung in there for the 4 days. Other than her being so sick, we had a blast. That was actually the first sewing I was able to do since Quilt Camp in February.

4)  June (the month) sent me to the beach to spend a few days and 'Just sew'. Pat and I took a couple days and did nothing but sew and eat. It was great! I finished 3 to only find time to quilt them,

5)  July has been vacation time. I did give Olivia a week off and I went to the beach to spend time with my children and grandchildren. The weather did not co-operate to well, but we did manage to have a little fun. The night of the 4th I watched 3 hours of constant fireworks at the beach. In one direction I could see the show from Surfside. In another I saw them from Garden City. In between the houses I could watch the shows from Murrells Inlet. It was amazing!!
             My Knight Bee buddies and I had a Pineapple party at Judy's house at the lake one Friday. What fun!! Dee gave us a class on how to use the Pineapple Trim tool. Alexis has asked for this for Christmas.
I don't know if this will stop with 9 and be a wall hanging or if I will continue on and make her a full size quilt.  She really could use the wall hanging. We'll see.
              Now this week............Classes with the Machine Quilter of the year, Jamie Wallen. I am so looking forward to these. This has become the year of continuing education for this longarm quilter. My head is about to explode with all that I have learned.
              Next up will be the One Loose Thread's 'Sewin in the Summer 2013'. This session features CI Karen Conley teaching several of Judy Niemeyer's patterns. We always look forward to our retreats and this one promises to be extra special.
               I'll finish up the summer by taking a large group to see 'Lion King' in Charlotte. Personally, I am looking forward to that.
                In the meantime, I am still quilting for customers. It has been a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to a fantastic fall.  I'll try to do better and not let Facebook take up so much of my interest.

Hope you day is filled with fabric,

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