Sunday, June 17, 2012

Quilting Practice and Cuddle Quilts

I have spent some time recently practicing some over all quilting designs. The way that I like to do this is to load a wide back, some batting and add on some juvenile panels. This time I did not have enough to cover the area, so, I just pulled out some yardage from the stash and added it to the mix.
These were some cute panels that I found on a recent trip with some friends to a distribution warehouse. Nothing special about them except that they are a good size. I loaded these three and quilted them. On one I did a paisley design.

On the next one I did one of the Pajama quilter's designs that could either look like big leaves or the rivers and valleys that you see in the desert.

On the last one on the right I did feathers!!!

Then I rolled these on the take up bar and added one more panel and 2 large pieces of 'Monkey' yardage for more practice time.

On the last panel I did a flower over all and practiced some flowers, leaves and loops. On the middle panel of yardage I did some circular designs that actually looked like curved monkey tails. Then on the last panel of yardage I practiced doing a design that looks like olives. This is what everything looked like as it came off of the frame.

Then I cut them apart and will spend a few nights this week or next doing the binding on them. This has been not only fun, but, educational. I had been wanting to try driving 'Olivia' without using the stitch regulator. This gave me a perfect time to do that. Now I know what speed to use that suits us and that I can feel confident in not using the stitch regulator on certain designs.

Some of these tops will go toward the challenge issued by the Quilters of South Carolina in their 'Covering South Carolina's Kids' campaign. Some of them will go to local guilds, because they fall short of the challenge guidelines. All of them will be loved by some child in South Carolina, and that's what really matters.

I did spend Saturday with an awesome group of ladies------------more on that later.

Happy Father's Day,


KK said...

Love them all! Some great quilting practice for you and some love for a sick child. The paisley looks wonderful.

Shakerwood said...

Guess I need to catch up with you and at least do a few quilts for the challenge before October! Looks perfect for practicing.....

Donna Royson said...

joyce, these look great. i like the paisley the best. What a great idea to load multiple panels!