Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dresses for Africa

I spent a wonderful day last Saturday at Greenhill Baptist Church. 20 or so ladies gathered to make pillow case dresses to be given to little girls in Africa.

This was so much fun. I met some wonderful ladies that may not even have known how to sew, but, they were there to help.

It was amazing to watch everyone come into the fellowship hall, set up their machines and just 'go to work'. They matched trims with fabrics and ribbons and just had a blast putting these dresses together.

Several of my quilting friends came to help too. For most of us it has been YEARS since we constructed a garment of any kind, but that didn't stop any one at all.



Jodi and I spent the day cutting yard after yard of fabric into the lengths needed for the dresses. Just as we were about to run out of fabric, Leslie came in with more bolts of fabric and we cut that up too.  Pillow cases were also used for these little cuties.

See Jodi. See Jodi cut fabric. CLOSE THAT ROTARY CUTTER!!!!

Needless to say it was a wonderful day. I want to thank Libby, Sue, Jodi, Leslie, and Helen for coming out that day. I also have a dress from Deborah to deliver and I know several other members of design group are either making dresses of have contributed fabric for the dresses. It was a great showing for our Design Group quilters.

 Dick and I  topped it off with a wonderful dinner with the children and grandchildren at Dusty and Sherry's house. That boy sure knows how to cook ribs-------------.

That was last weekend. Wait until you see what I did this week!!!


PS !!! Oh Yes, I forgot Pat and Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!! They were there too!!! I knew that I would forget someone!

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Pitty Pat said...

How about me and Stepfanie and don't forget the material from Judy and Beth.