Sunday, September 25, 2011

Great Weekend!!!!!!!!!

You know you have had a great weekend when your football team won.
Goooooooo Tigerrrrrrrrs.

Also, you know you have had a good weekend when you have a great quilt come off of the frame looking really good. That's happened too.

This is Beth's sheep quilt:

I am not so sure that you can really see the quilting on this one so, this is the pantograph that I used to quilt it. 

The whole project turned out great. I used King Tut in the top and Sew Fine in the bobbin and Olivia just purred.

Now, on to other projects.

By the way, I have some open time in the schedule if anyone is trying to get something done in time for Christmas. Just call me.


Shakerwood said...

Go Tigers!!!

Frog Quilter said...

Yeh Tigers, what a good game.

Like the panto you used. Sheep on sheep :-)))