Sunday, September 18, 2011

Design Group

I was going through some old emails today and happened upon some pictures that I have not shared. We have a local group called simply 'The Design Group' that meets once a month. Sara started this group while the Quilted Pearl was still open. Once The Pearl closed we had to find another place to meet, so, we now meet at Greenhill Baptist Church in West Columbia. But, I digress.
One of our group decided some months ago that we all should make a Lone Star Quilt. This has expanded to include the Devine Quilt Guild and an exhibit at the Richland County Public Library in the fall of 2012. Back to the subject Joyce.
The pictures that I am posting here show to what extent quilters will go to have 'just the right color' in a particular area of a quilt. Helen needs some additional color or toning down of a color in this piece, so, what did she do? She brought the top and the fabric pens to Design Group and we all sat around and 'colored' the fabric.
We had a good time. We always do. We are all very opinionated and have been known to convince people to completely 'deconstruct' tops, just to change one small block. A great group of quilters of all levels.
Just thought that I would post this today, just for fun. Thanks to Jodi for taking the pictures.

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