Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Successful Weight Loss

Rocky here. I don't post often, actually October 2010 was the last time I did this. That was when Mom, Dad, and Dr. Erin put me on a diet. That was when I looked like this at 97 lbs:
And like this:

And then finally like this:
Cute huh?

Well, today I went for a weigh in. Dr. Erin was sooooooo proud of me. This is what I look like today:
Look at this new sleek body:

And here is one more view:
Cute butt don't cha think?

I am now down to a slim and trim 67.7lbs and Dr. Erin is soooooooo proud of me that she wants to make me the poster boy for the office. Mom wishes that she could try some of my special food and loose as much weight as I have.
I really have to thank Mom, Dad, and Dr. Erin. With this slim, trim, and toned new me. I now have a good chance of living a really long life.
That's it for today. See you soon.



Shakerwood said...

Reagan goes to the vet on Friday. I'm afraid his report won't be nearly as successful as yours was, Rocky. He is still in the 90+ range. Congratulations!

Sonia said...

How did you do it? My mini schnauzer is overweight, and my standard is on the verge. I get so confused, because the vet tells me one thing (how much food), and that seems so little, yet the bag of dog food tells me another (which is about twice that much). What brand of dog food do you use?

Joyce said...

Sonia, We went with exactly what the Vet told us--did not even read the bag. She put him on a weight loss food that is sold by Vets. Rocky could only have 3 cups per DAY. That turned out to be plenty because that type of food is all nutrients and very little filler.

Vicki said...

Way to go Rocky. psst, I lost some too. And didnt gain any with Roada in Knoxville. yeah!!!