Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's on the Frame Today?

Let's get started

Almost half way --have to roll it back to do some other borders

Outer border in loops with black

Inner border with small loops in black
Haven't decided what to put in the gold border. I was thinking some type of leaves, but, may just do a freeform loopy design. I really like the way that the interior part of this is working since I am using continuous curve. Not so sure about the borders. One things it that with the black thread, all you see is texture. This is giving me a chance to do some template work (which I really like) and some work with stencils (I could come to like that too). I have been practicing some freeform work, but, don't really trust myself with that yet. This could be an exception.

OK, enough of a break. BACK TO WORK!!


KK said...

Hi Joyce! Love seeing that long arm centering tape and the blue painters tape in use!

Gold middle border - since you have loops on both sides I would consider something more straight line - maybe just a connected X (one crosshatch) or two parallel straight lines all the way around.

Glad to see you are enjoying retirement.

Joyce said...

Love the idea of the 'X'. Thanks Karen.