Monday, January 10, 2011

South Carolina gets Snow ,again !!

This has been the scene outside my front door today

Mr. OLT drove to the other side of town and picked up 2 grandchildren and their parents. The weather report is for freezing rain overnight tonight. That means power outages. Not a good thing.
Make note of what is important to have for snow days. Mr. OLT and Son each have their own. Hope they brought me some.

More of the scene out front:

It is currently 4:00 PM here. We have started getting freezing rain. The weather people are saying that this will continue until 11:00 tonight, so you can be sure that we will loose power. The porches outside are very slick with ice. We are in for the night---Football ??????------yep. Go Tigers !!!!!!
The generator is full of gas. The gas logs are available if we need them. We have already eaten 1 crockpot full of chili. I have Chicken noodle soup in another one. I plan to deep fry some chicken fingers later.
Right now there is a heavy game of 'Phase 10' going on in the kitchen and I am working on something in the studio. Life really is very good. Please don't let us loose power tonight.


Gari said...

I hope your power stays on. Her in SO AL it is cold but we didn't get any snow, ice, sleet and only a little rain and that was last night. I don't know about you but I am ready for winter to be over.

Joyce said...

I know what you mean.