Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Fun and New Price List

New pricing sturcture has been posted on the Quilting Service Page.

Now for the latest news:

I spent today putting this together. Still have the three rows on the left to go. This is a pattern called 'Strip Stacks' and published by G. E. Designs. I am doing this very scrappy. the background is the only 'stable' color in the entire project. I also ordered a blue backing for this project. As soon as it arrives I can put it on the frame and quilt it. This will be the last of my Christmas presents to complete. So far I am pleased with the outcome of this project.

I do hope that everyone has a good week.


Gari said...

OK, I stared at it but I am not sure how the blocks go. I really like that scrappy look.

Joyce said...

The blocks are rectangles that are actually 10" x 24". It takes a minute for your eye to adjust to the rectangle, but try.

Sarah said...

How do you have it hung on the wall? My space in my sewing area is at a premium...and I like that idea. I'm glad I stumbled onto this blog from facebook. Thanks!

Joyce said...

My design wall is made of 2 4'x8' pieces of a type of fiber board(don't remember the actual name of it). I coated them with spray adhesive and then covered them with felt. You could use flannel or batting, I just like felt. Then we put them on the wall with long screws into the wall studs. Now when I am working I can just place the blocks as though I was using a flannel board or by just sticking pins into the blocks and into the board. Really great to work with.
Thanks for asking.