Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm on a diet!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Rocky here, I went to the Vet today. Dr. Erin is really very nice, it was not a bad trip except for one thing, I weigh 97 pounds!!! Now, that wouldn't be bad except that I want to live to be as old as Jake (15 years) so Dr. Erin has put me on a DIET!!!! I have to loose down to at least 80 lbs, but she thinks that 70 would be better. I haven't weighed 70 lbs since I was 18 months old!!! This is really going to be tough. Please talk to mom and convince her that I cannot survive on the amount of food that they are going to be giving me !!

This is Mom. Not only does he weigh 97 pounds, his chest measures 38 inches around and he is 3 years old. Rocky is not actually fat (we have never over fed or given him lots of treats),  he is just HUGE. However, he has also been in the house laying around for the past few months, no exercise, so we are going to try to help his body out with a new diet and some daily exercise. Dr. Erin tells us that Rocky might not even live to be 6 or 8 years old if we don't get his weight down. Keep your fingers crossed that this works. It will be good for Rocky, and Dr. Erin will be checking his weight every 2 weeks to make sure that he is doing OK on this diet.


Gari said...

And just think of the exercise you will be getting as you exercise Rocky.

Shakerwood said...

Wow! You and Rocky weigh the same thing!!

Both my labs are around 100 lbs. each and NO, I don't weigh the same.. maybe the two of them together.