Friday, August 13, 2010

What A Day !!

I spent a wonderful day with two friends. Lynn, Stephanie, and I went to a semi-annual fabric at Foust Textiles in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. What an eye opening experience. This is like the manufacturers outlets of years ago. The sale is conducted in the warehouse of their factory. It was awesome and I am ready to save many dollars for the next sale.

Of course a trip into this area requires that we make another stop at Long Creek Mills for thread. Thread, thread and more thread. You can do some serious damage to the credit card here.

Welllllllllllll, if you are already in this area you might as well travel about 3 miles to the mecca of fabric: Mary Jo's. If Mary Jo doesn't have it, it ain't to be had. We all had to pick up a thing or two before we left for home.

What a wonderful day it was. Good Friends and Fabric!!  I really think that Lynn had two or three bags up in the back seat and Stephanie had at least one in the front seat???? IIIIIIIIIII , of course, did not hide any of my purchases---don't you dare check my carry on luggage!!!

I look forward to more fun in about 6 months.

NOW, ON TO QUILT CAMP! More about that later this weekend. Tomorrow I get to spend the day with some really neat people. The Knight Bee is meeting during the day. Wait until you see what we are doing. FILM (PICTURES) AT ELEVEN--------actually it will be sometime tomorrow night. See you then.

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Judy Heyward said...

It looks as if you really brought home the bacon!