Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nice Weekend

I cannot stand the way that blogger now loads pictures. The Old way was bad enough, but now, things are slower and even more aggravating. 
This is a One Block Wonder that I did in a class with Beth Karr (taught by Sara Quattlebaum) at the Quilted Pearl. Hope to put it on the frame next weekend. Beth is teaching this class/technique at the Quilters of South Carolina's fall retreat so I am trying to finish it so that she can use it as a sample.

This next picture is the beginning of a T-shirt quilt for a customer. As of right now I have 20 shirts in this top and I am just watching it ferment for a few days. Hopefully I will come up with a way to set all of this together and what type of fabric to use. My customer has given me free reign to do what I want and sometime that can be a difficult thing.
We are really in count down mode for 'Summer Fun' Quilt Camp. I talked to my friends at Gravatt on Friday to finalize rooms and will be talking to them again in a few days to go over food options.  I am making a few changes due to the fact that we are going to be there during a very hot part of the summer. Not sure yet what they will be, but, there will be some changes.

I hope that you all have a good week.
Until next time:

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Karen S said...

Your one block wonder uses the same fabric as my tiger quilt. So cool to see yours.