Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dental Hygienists Rock !!

I spent last weekend meeting with the South Carolina Committed Dental Hygienists (SCCDH) during our annual meeting. We meet every year with the South Carolina Dental Association and this year we met at Myrtle Beach. The weather was absolutely wonderful and we had a great meeting.

During the weekend SCCDH invited a faculty member from all six of the Dental Hygiene programs to visit with us during our luncheon on Friday. I received responses from four of the programs, so we presented special gifts to their programs. I don't have a picture of the presentation to Trident Tec, but they will receive their gift from our newsletter editor, very soon. Sorry that I missed you.

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Shakerwood said...

Can I do a "commited" joke?

Convention at Myrtle Beach sounds like fun right now. I haven't been to any beach since the Spring meeting was there several years ago! I need to get out more!!