Sunday, February 21, 2010


That's right:


I spent this weekend getting everything printed, packed, and ready for Quilt Camp. Many surprises are planned along with a fantastic mystery by Beth Karr. I really look forward to a wonderful weekend.

Time was also spent working on my 12 days of Christmas block. Didn't finish it, so, you will just have to wait to see my completed block. However, I do have a small top that I pieced last weekend. It is Peekaboo Monkeys for a special little person. Now, how do I quilt it?
I think that I need to stabilize it first with some stitch in the ditch, but then I don't have a clue as to where to go from there. Hopefully the quilt will "talk" to me after that.
After next weekend I should have alot of pictures to show (blackmail) many people. I hope to post the completed mystery while we are at Camp. I have not been in a position to get a good picture, I hope to do that before I leave on Thursday.
The weather in South Carolina today was perfect. Spring is coming, Spring is coming.
Have a great week.


Loris said...

Very cute quilt! I would think a with banana leaves and some bunches of bananas. Maybe someone has done a pattern for it.
Have a great retreat!

Loris said...

Me again...I left out the word 'meander'...with banana leaves...etc.

Cathy said...

so adorable!!! Love monkeys!!!

Shakerwood said...

How about radiating circles out from the monkey's ears? Yesterday and Saturday, the weather was great. Today, not so much.

nike said...
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maria said...

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gg said...
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