Sunday, April 6, 2008

Baby Jane Weekend

I have been getting ready for the Just Stitchin' retreat at Palm Key this weekend. However, that certainly did not stop me from working on my Baby Jane. I completed the assigned block and then did a couple more. Here are the resulting blocks. These were suppose to line up nicely so that we could talk about them, but, as you can see, blogger had other ideas. The first block is the actual assigned block, M-10 Simple Simon. The Second Block with the yellow star, is F-7 Star Struck. The block with the red background and white flowers is, E-1 Aunt Exie's Phlox (I actually did 2 of these and this was the one I kept). The last block is G-2 Mohawk Trail.
I have worked up 12 blocks to take with me to Palm Key next weekend, so we will see how I do on those. These blocks are really addictive. I was really trying to just stay with the assigned blocks, but, I felt compelled to do other too.
Also on the list for next weekend will be a Ocean Waves quilt in miniature. I have been wanting to do one of these, so I thought that I would use the time to start it. I hope to do one regular size at the same time.
That's it for now,


Rhonda said...

Great blocks! love the 30's fabs!
Thanks for your comment. I tried to reply to your message, but it was set to "no-reply". Finally, figured how to get to your blog. 8-)

Stacy A. said...

Joyce, what wonderful blocks. Thanks for the close-ups. I can see how you put them together. Its not a bad idea to get a little ahead. You never know when in the next 2 years you may not be able to follow along as much. What color pattern are u doing, if you know yet? I am using similar fabrics so it would be interesting to know how others are thinking of putting it together. Have a great time in the keys. It sounds wonderful! Love Stacy

KK said...

Great blocks, Joyce! And a miniature Ocean Waves?? I can't fathom doing a regular one. LOL