Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, it is Friday and I am still home following some surgery.

I have given up and started my own Blog. I am not sure how this works, so it will really be a learning experience for me. I hope to share some of the work that I am doing with my quilts and share the experiences during retreats with Just Stitchin'.

I have not yet figured out the posting of pictures, but, will get to that shortly.

Have a great day!



Anina said...

Yay! Welcome to blogland!

Bonnie said...

SURGERY!? I hope everything is ok.....I'm feeling out of touch with what is going on in Columbia!

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - I will add you to my Bloglines acct to keep up with your activity. I contribute to our department blog at work: techtracks!!

Nettie said...

Hi, Joyce! Welcome to Blogland! Your Baby Jane blocks look good so far. How many have you made?