Customer Quilts--2016

Marsha's tiger paws:

Sally's Tree:

Patty's Patches:

Linda's Blue Quilt:

Nora's finished today: 

Judy's Pineapples---so much color

Holly's quilt. Notice the cat in the upper corner:

I posted a slide show of this quilt on August 26, 2016. However, I need to post these here for close up viewing: Lynn's Spring Bouquet:

Dorothy does not do small quilts. This one was huge and unfortunately I did not get a picture of it hanging. Sure did turn out nice and she was pleased.

Phyllis 's Maple leaves are in the mail:

Sparky now is in possession of her red and white quilt. Computer assisted (Penelope Statler) and it took longer than I expected, but, love the way it finished.

This is Deb's quilt and it is quilted with the digital design 'Grizzly Ridge' really looks great.

This very graphic 'First Quilt' is now residing on a bed at Vassar College. She did a beautiful job and I look forward to quilting her 2nd,3rd,4th....quilts.

Sylvia's Bright Tropical Quilt:

Pam's Wedding Star Wallhanging:

I posted additional pictures. So proud of the job I did on this. It is all Statler assisted quilting on Penelope Statler. Took me 30 hours. Things got faster as I went along. I just love this.

Sally's cute baby quilt with Butterflies:

Beth's Maple Leaves:

Lindy's Oriental Quilt:

Deborah's One Loose Thread Mystery:

Betty's Hexagons

Penny's Eagle:

JoAnn's Beachy Quilt:

Beverly's Baskets:

Dorothy's Double Devine Mystery:

Pam's Quilt:

Jo Ann's Gray Quilt:

Jo's darling baby quilt:

Beth's Ponderosa #2: Wool and Cotton Batting, you can really see the quilting in this

One for Cheryl......I love this quilt design

Iva Dean's annual quilt: She really does beautiful piecing.

Mary Price's Fire Island Hosta:

Linda's scrappy this: for some reason, I don't have a 'finished' photo

First Client Quilt finished for 2016

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