Sunday, June 5, 2016

Busy week

Several months ago, Cheryl had a water leak in her basement. She was able to save her quilt tops and brought all of them to me for quilting. Some of them were still damp. This week I finally returned the last of those quilts.

I also returned completed quilts to another client that I have been working with over the last few months.

JoAnn has her favorite patterns and she does them beautifully. Love working with her on her creations.

I've also been working on Nora's quilt. I am almost finished, only one more border.
There was one more that I started on, but I ran into problems with the design. I wanted a specific elephant and when I found it, the design didn't stitch like it needed to. Well, I posted on the Statler Sibs group and received immediate help. Not only from members of the group, but also from the company that I ordered it from. Sooooooooooooo, this morning I was able to stitch out the borders. Only problem was operator error. On one border, the elephants are facing the wrong way.
The border on the right is the one that is dancing to a different drummer. So, while the machines are down tonight due to weather, I'll edit that border and it will be ready to finish in the morning.

What a great week. Even with all of this I had lunches with friends,missed a massage appointment, took Rocky to the Vet for a check up and took in a few new quilts to work on.

This coming week includes a Dr.'s appointment, a Guild meeting, a re-scheduled massage and the quilting of several quilts. I will also baste a new one on for Olivia and I to work with over the next few weeks. Pictures later.
Have a great week and stay cool!!