Thursday, April 23, 2015

This is what you call HEALTH CARE??

I had a physical this morning. At least that is what it was suppose to be, but, I am not really sure what a 'physical' is anymore. Are you?

What it use to be:

You talked to the Doctor. She/he ran some lab work like urinalysis and blood. She listened to your heart. We did a PAP test. We did a periodic chest x-ray. We did an EKG. We ran whatever tests were necessary to help the Doctor diagnose if I had any problems that needed to be addressed. The Doctor actually put their hands on you. Then the Doctor told you what you needed to do to help or repair all of the problems.


You talk to the Doctor. She/he explains some of your symptoms to you, age, lack of exercise, need for additional vitamins. She orders some tests run: Urinalysis, blood drawn, Neck x-ray (because it is popping, cracking and hurting) and then she asks: You had been having PAP tests here in this office. Do YOU (meaning ME) feel that you still need to have this checked? HELL YES!!! I still have all of my pieces and parts and they need to be checked along with everything else. At which time she says that I need to see an OBGYN to have these tests in the future since they are not really qualified to check my ovaries. WHAT????? You are an are suppose to know all parts of the body.. So, I say, OK if that is what it takes. The question was also asked if I feel the need to still have annual mammograms....................Good LORD people!!!! what is going on here???

This might not bother me so much except:
Six months ago I had an appointment with my Cardiologist (which I really love). We had some discussion regarding shortness of breath and weakness in arms and legs. Then he tells me that the only way to check on these symptoms is to do a hearth cath. OK, so then he says...."Do you want me to do a heart Cath?"

Since when did I become the medical expert and make the decisions on what should or should not be done? The last time we did a heart cath we put the cath lab 3 hours behind because he had to place a stent in one of the most dangerous areas of my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After which he told me I would probably need additional treatment for blockages caused by genetic problems.

I should not be making these medical decisions. My doctors should say: " You have these symptoms and I recommend that we do this................." and then we discuss and make decisions.

I am so disgusted with out medical system and now it has been complicated by the fact that I am a MEDICARE patient..............for which I paid for years and have all of the additional insurance that I have to pay to have. I had to sign a waiver to pay for a bone scan today because Medicare does not pay for that. Then the question was do you want this scan??? Good thing I said yes, because it showed that I am beginning to loose bone in my you suppose that is what might be causing hip pain after a long day at the longarm??? I don't know, the doctor will advise me in a letter in a few days...................???

I can't fix this, but I sure hope that someone can..............I don't see how, but, my job is to be a great longarm quilter. Not a politician, insurance expert, or a physician. I really hope that those who are, will step up to the plate and fix this mess.

OK, rant is over.

Let's go sew-----even if it hurts.

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