Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun

Most people would like to 'hunt' eggs today or, eat a chocolate bunny.  Me, I would rather be quilting something or stitching something. So, I decided to do both. I have been working on these
little units for a special project. I only need about 52 of them to complete my part of this project. I will still need to do about 20 more for it to be complete.

 I also know that I have this spool quilt
coming up next week for quilting. My customer and I want to do the Baptist Fan pattern on it. In order to get Penelope to behave, I needed to practice the pattern. Contrary to popular belief, you can't just load a pattern into the computer and hit the start button.  So, I loaded a top out of my UFO bin
and practiced today. It's a good thing I did it too, because I did run into a few problems. I could not get the pattern to line up properly.
One row would be 1/4" off and the next run, might be 1/2" off. I asked for help on the Statler Yahoo group and received an almost immediate response from Glen Cook, a brilliant Statler user. He talked me through my problems and I completed the quilt flawlessly.

Now I can feel more comfortable when I load the spool quilt.

It has been a fun day and I look forward to the coming week. As of tomorrow it will only be 10 days until May Mester 2014. Time to get things together for that event. Wait until you see the fabric that I have chosen for my Bali Star Wedding Ring.  I will show you when I start cutting it. This will truly be an heirloom quilt.

Hope you all have a great week,

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