Thursday, January 10, 2013

Olivia and Me

For the first week of January I have worked on additional ironing table pads for Quilt Camp. 'Think Spring 2013' is fast approaching so, need to get these ready to go. Finished the quilting and have turned them over to Beth and Judy. They will bind and add the drawstrings so that we can use them over the tops of 6 foot tables during 'camp'. This is one of the best ideas that we have come up with. There are other great retreat ideas that will be added to the list soon. Want to see the new covers?

Pressing beautiful blocks and fabrics on top of these will be fun.

I also have some fantastic news coming up in the next few weeks. Make a note of the dates for Sewin' in the Summer 2013 that are in August 2013. You really won't want to miss this event. Not only is it a good deal, but a great opportunity for some fantastic fun. Who knows, you might create an heirloom!!

That's it for now. Take the time to will make you feel good.


Sandra Snyder said...

I am very interested in this "news" coming up. I keep checking for an update!!! Inquiring minds want to know!!

Sandra Snyder

Sandra Snyder said...

I am so interested in this big news for Summer Camp!! Looking for to the big reveal. I check your blog all the time.

Sandra Snyder

Tussie Mussie Creations said...

Please share how you made these. How do you keep from warping the plastic conference room tables? Does the quilted top leave marks in your fabric as you press?

Joyce said...

Pads were constructed to fit over the tops of 6 foot tables using draw strings and casings. I do not use them on the fiberglass tables. For my Quilt Camps, I only have wooden 6 foot tables and these work really well.