Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quilters of South Carolina Pieceable Retreat

Trying to get ready for a fantastic weekend with over 300 of my closest friends. The class that I will be taking on Saturday and Sunday is the 'Sunset ' Quilt.

This is the pattern that we will be using and I love the scrappyness of it. However, as with any other quilt I have to pick fabrics. Hate that part.

I have gone through my scraps and selected quite a few mediums and darks. I have also picked out fabrics for the background (I am only using 2, maybe only 1). For some reason I am just not 'feeling the love' for these fabrics. I plan to just put the strips in a bag and pull out the pairs as I work so that I won't stress over what goes with what, but, I'm still not real happy with the idea. It could be that I have worked with these same scraps for 3 or 4 years and I just need some 'new' scraps.

So, I thought about making a 'themed' quilt. You know, Christmas, vegetables, fruit, Halloween. You get the idea. So, went to part of my 'Halloween' stash and pulled out these fabrics:
I could still use the same backgrounds or, I could go to a black background. I hate picking fabric.

As I looked at the Halloween stash I was not seeing a lot of contrast as far as mediums and darks. So, I thought I might check my theory on that, and this is what showed up.
Did you know that if you take a picture of your fabrics in black and white mode then you can actually see if there is good contrast. As for this stack of fabrics.................I'm not seeing good contrast, how about you. So, the idea was a good one? but, I don't think it will work. However they might work well with the black background, if I throw in enough lime green and neon yellow? Shoot!! I hate picking fabric.Love to buy it though.

That is where I am today. Can't work with Olivia until Tommy comes and adjusts her tomorrow, so, just trying to get things together for retreat. I have the doors open and am letting the beautiful South Carolina fall weather in. What a beautiful day.

Hope you have a good week,

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