Thursday, March 8, 2012

Feathers and More Feathers

I have been longarming for 3 years now. It really does not seem that long, but, it has been. In that period of time I have never been asked to put feathers on a quilt. Therefore, I haven't really practiced them. Wellllllll, guess what. I have a top in the que that has feathers requested. I really want these to turn out very nicely. So, I am spending a few days watching videos and practicing feathers on my white board and my sketch book. I can draw them, and most of the time they look pretty good. This is a confidence issue. That is why I have 'messed' around for 3 days and avoided putting even a practice piece on the frame. I draw feathers while watching TV. I draw feathers in the air while stopped at a red light. I draw feathers in my dreams-----------Those really look good.

The time has come to at least put on a practice piece. This is a 'Love' quilt top from Devine that I am going to use for 'feather practice'. It will be interesting to see how it does turn out. I will be using dream blend in the mid loft for the batting so that I can, hopefully, actually see the feathers. The 'real' quilt will have wool as the batting.
Practice Piece Backing and Batting

I am taking the top to Design Group for input on thread and the path to take across the top since it is a rail fence. I plan to use So fine thread both top and bobbin. I think that I know the color that I want to use, but, want to see what 'the group' has to say. We have plenty of opinions floating around, but, no one gets offended if we don't take their advice.
Practice 'Love' Quilt Top

I know that I can do this. I have learned that I just really need to slow down with my freemotion or my curves get really loopy. This will take a lot of concentration to get done and Kim Brunner makes it look sooooooo easy.

The top that I am practicing for is a log cabin in black and white. The feathers will go in the white/light areas and I intend to use some type of angular quilting in the black and white/dark areas. I plan to put a feathered heart in the center. I will take pictures and show you the progress as I go. Remember that I am using Olivia who is a hand guided Gammill Classic Plus. The plus is a stitch regulator.

Wish me luck and I'll post as I go.

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Marj said...

I am Wanting to make feathers too, but I don't have the control or confidence yet. Maybe you just have to practice on the white board and then onto some really busy charity quilts. Good luck! I will be watching your progress.

Gari said...

I will be watching since even my dream feathers look really funny. Good luck, I know you will do great.

Frog Quilter said...

WOW. A post! Get your confidence up, I know you can do it.