Monday, March 21, 2011

Bull Bat Time

It's 'Bull Bat Time'. Oh what memories that statement brings back. This would happen at the end of the day. Usually around 5:00 or 5:30. I guess that was the time that the 'bats' would start to fly. I have no idea. However, when Mama and Aunt Helen were both alive we would gather on their patios for 'Bull Bat' time. Mama would mix her favorite adult beverage, Aunt Helen would mix hers and I would open a beer. We would sit out and enjoy the beautiful South Carolina Spring, Summer, and Fall. Someone would add in some cheese and crackers, nuts, something to munch on and we would just enjoy the end of the day. So many problems were solved during those times. I learned alot about my heritage, gardening, canning of vegetables, child rearing, just all sorts of stuff.

I'll just bet that you have had times like that too.

I miss those days.


KK said...

We all need to take some time to stop and savor the day.......anymore we just rush rush rusyh.......I think we should declare an official Bull Bat Hour that must be observed!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Sounds divine, savor the memory.

Anonymous said...

I always heard it referred to as Bullbat Hour; time for a cocktail because it's about 4 or 5pm and the Bullbat or Night Hawk is on the hunt. I loved the idea of nature and happy hour combined so much, I named my house, 'Bullbat Manor'. roslin

Anonymous said...

I wrote an article about Bull Bat Time, recaalling the special times of sitting with family on the deck at Edisto Beach. Mama is gone now but no one observed Bull Bat Time more religiouly. Family, friends, quiet, a refreshing drink, and the recognition of the beauty of creation made it a specdial time. My wife and i still observe.