Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have been working all day getting ready for 'Think Spring' Quilt Camp. My day has been one of ups and downs. I had everything ready for the business, only to discover that I have 'misplaced' most of the electrical cords that we use in Stewart Hall. If they don't show up by lunch tomorrow I will need to purchase 7 new electrical reels. Sooooo, please keep yours fingers crossed that they will show up.

On the up side: I am looking for projects to take to camp to work on. I have PLENTY of applique to work on, but wanted something to piece. As I am going through some of my UFO's I found this:
This is a Southern Album Quilt that was started during a class at Carolina Quiltmaker, with Kristen Steiner, on September 11, 2001. This was my first effort at major applique. I don't use these techniques any longer, but, it was a great learning experience. I did not remember that the top was finished and now, I can't even find the book. It's here somewhere.  One thing that is evident to me now, years later, it that I am going to have to take it apart because the interior of the quilt is bigger than the borders. That happens when you don't measure the top prior to putting the borders on. I now know better. I think that I will leave it up on the design wall to remind me to fix the problems and get it quilted.

I still don't have anything to take to camp for piecing. At this rate I won't even need to take a sewing machine!!!
OK, 1 hour later:
I now have something to piece. One that I can give for Christmas.
Now I can work on getting all of my personal 'stuff' together. I really look forward to our weekend. We always have a wonderful time. Now, the weather is being nice to us too. It looks to be warm and wonderful.

If you happen so seem my electrical reels would you please send them home?
See you next week.


quiltingwithkaren said...

Hey, Joyce! Check out the new header on my blog - you might just recognize the bit of the block I'm showing...........!

Have a great camp! I'm hoping to join you sometime soon.


Joyce said...

I thought that looked like something I had seen recently. Love the quilting. Can't wait to see alllllll of it. Ya'll have a great week in the mountains!!