Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Really is Coming

This is the way Rocky and Jake hang around while Dick and I are eating supper.

I think that Rocky really believes that he is hiding behind the chair. We have moved the chair away from the wall so that he will have room to play hide and seek.

Sometime they actually lay on the same side of the chair. Rocky usually gives Jake plenty of respect.

I have managed to finish decorating the 'medium' size tree for this year. Just for the record, there will not be a 'large' tree this year. The 'large' tree only goes up when Dick and I host the "Thompson Family Christmas" and that only happens every 4 years. This year we will be with Pam and Marty.

I spent part of the day wrapping some gifts. I also baked two loaf cakes for our "Pack the Bra " time tomorrow.

Yep, tomorrow we pack up the Artful Bras and ship them to their new owners. The Bras were auctioned on EBay with the proceeds going to the 'Best Chance Network'. We were a little dissappointed that all of the bras did not sell, but we still managed to make over $2000.00 on the sales. This has been an amazing journey and now it is really time for it to come to an end. The book is available through and also Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. However, if you order through QSC the charity makes more money.

I really hope that I can complete my Christmas wrapping and decorating tomorrow too. I don't think that I have much more to do. One of the major things is to make the labels for the Grandchildren's quilts, stitch them on, and then wrap them up. Imagine, I might be in a position to play next weekend, instead of stressing out over finishing Christmas gifts.

Hope that you have a wonderful week. The weather has turned cold and it has started raining. No ice or snow expected, but, I am already looking forward to spring.

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