Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This is the weekend to start painting the house. Dusty and Dick are working on that today. Yesterday Tori also helped out a lot, but she is home today--sore muscles!!!! We are changing the light color to something beige without the yellow that was previously in the light color.

The shutters and trim color is being changed from a green to a black. I love the black and I am really liking the beige color. We tried the color combination on the back with the screen porch and it weathers in really well.

With the painting going on, we had to take the grids out of the windows of the studio. In order to do that I had to remove the stack of fabric that had grown to 2 feet deep and as wide as the double windows. While doing that I was trying to get the fat quarters into the bins below the windows (you can't see them because of the sewing table in front of them). I finally decided to start strip cutting anything that was not neatly folded or banded. In other words, any fat quarter that had been cut into was to be 'stripped' for scrap quilts. I also started a pile for a friend that does a lot of scrap quilts for 'love quilts'. I will take her a big bag on Thursday night. So, Heads up Liz---!!!!
I have also been working on the Devine applique. However, I don't think that I should show more pictures of this until I have permission from the Guild. The center medallion is what I am doing and it is beginning to look very nice. I will devote all day tomorrow to working on it. That way I should have something good to show the Guild next Monday night. If I am REALLY lucky, I might have it completed.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Please take the time to say Thank you to the Veterans who have made it possible for all of us to have the freedoms that we now have. Don't take freedom for granted or you might just loose it.


Sheila said...

I found your blog linked to Bonnie' I popped in to see your painting....looks good! What I really want to comment on is your sewing room.....WOW....what a fabric pile! I love it! It makes me feel like it is ok for me to go out and work on my own "fabric library". :)

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