Friday, April 29, 2016

What's been going on with everyone? I know, I haven't written a blog post is months. I'm sorry about that, but, I really have been just a little busy while having a ton of fun.

Spring Quilt Camp was wonderful. I believe that everyone had fun and I know most people accomplished many goals.

Olivia and Penelope have been working hard in the studio with client quilts and I have been posting those to the 'customer quilt' page here on the blog. I also post most of the inprogress pictures on Facebook for all to watch and see.

So, let me go through my calendar and see just what I have been up to:
January:  Our longarm group started another year. We are learning so much from each other and enjoy our meeting.
At the end of January we loaded up the 'Quilt Mobile' and headed to Richmond for the Gammill Longarm Conference. That was 3or 4 days filling our heads with all kinds of longarm information. Not just Statler, but other interesting classes for the longarmer.
February: Of course that's ONE LOOSE THREAD'S QUILT CAMP. We hosted 36 fabulous 'Frayed Knots' for 4 days and 3 nights of sewing fun. I always come home with sore ribs from laughing so hard. Then on February 29th I was off to Charleston, SC
March: I had the prevlidge of assisting in the judging rooms for Cobblestone Quilt Guilds semi-annual quilt show. (Yes, I am a longtime member, but I am not usually in a position to participate. This was very special to me to be able to do this.) Watching and listening as each quilt was presented and the judge awarded the ribbons. Then I helped hang the quilts, which I understand were blown over by a slight draft, after I left the building. The show was fantastic and I was allowed to 'white glove' for several hours on Saturday. I could have stayed much longer. Imagine being in a position to answer questions and educate the public about quilts and quilting. The artistry of the quilt. So much fun.

As the month passed Devine guild hosted Karla Alexander for a weekend with a lecture and a workshop, so as President of that guild, I was where I could spend time with Karla and really enjoyed meeting her.

Later in the month Karla was the featured speaker for Quilters of South Carolina's Spring meeting. While at that meeting I presented QSC with a quilt that I had pieced and quilted for them to use as a fund raiser for their scholarship program.
This is the quilt that I presented to them. It is a Judy Neimeyer pattern called Vintage Compass. I did piece it and free hand quilted it just for this purpose. This is a picture of it hanging in the Cobblestone Quilt Show. Notice it does not hold a ribbon. sigh.

Now, on to April:
It's true. The quilt that I entered was one that Sally King allowed me to quilt for her. She and a group of friends stitched this as a Round Robin. It was beautiful before I started quilting it.
Our Longarm Group met again this month, my machines have been running almost every day. I am currently getting ready for May Mester 2016. That will be in just 2 weeks. I'm trying to make sure all of my client's quilts are caught up and then I need to organize and cut my project for that weekend. I love that I can organize an event such as this, but, still be the student from 9 to 5 in classes. It will be fun and I hope to share some pictures with you here on the blog.

OK, enough for now. Just so that you will know, registration for Sewin' in the Summer 2016 starts this weekend and all of the information will be posted right here before Monday. Promise.

Have a good weekend,