Tuesday, December 17, 2013


It's one of those: A funny thing happened........... I was on line and looking to purchase a few new things for Olivia.
I mean, who wouldn't love a new bobbin case or a shiny new oil bottle for the new year?? I was cruising through the internet and stopped at Pat's Calico Cottage just to see what was going on. Then it happened. My mouse (bad, bad mouse) clicked on previously owned machines..............Yep, you guessed it. There it was. Just what I wasn't looking for.

Nice, well taken care of, Gammill Classic with Statler retrofit, on a 14 foot frame at a very reasonable price.

 Who knew you could make a decision so fast? I talked to Pat and found out who the machine had belonged to and that was that. Purchased in a flash and on it's way to my house. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! on it's way to my house??? Where the ____________ am I going to put this? Olivia and my sewing space take up all of the room in the studio. Being the brilliant person that my husband is, he didn't even blink when I told him that the living room furniture was going into storage and I was taking over the living room and dining room space with a new machine. AND.........oh by the way honey............will you please cut a large hole in the wall at the end of the dining room so that I can combine my studio with this new space?? I really don't think Mr. OLT cares what I do in the house as long has I don't make use of his den or our bedroom. After all isn't that all the room you need for day to day living??? Well, there is the kitchen, but, he hasn't found batting in the oven....yet.

So, the new machine is here and boy do I feel over whelmed. Russ spent 2 days in training with me and I tell you I thought that my head would explode. Now, I am working by myself and this really is a whole new deal to quilting. It's going to be a blast to use, once I really feel comfortable using her. Russ said he had named her Joanie, but I will change her name after I work with her for awhile.

I put my first solo piece on her this morning. It is the first of 19 charity quilts for Devine quilt guild. Funny that some of the fabric I donated appeared in this top. The size is good, 49 x 72 is a good size for a lap quilt for a child.
I picked out a really cute edge to edge pattern with stars and swirls in it. Set it up on the computer and ran the first pass........not successfully either. OK worked through that and set us the second pass.........not so good. So, I decided to junk the entire file for this project. I took a sharpie and marked off a kids quilt in the area that I had not previously quilted on. Set up a new pattern and away we went.............SUCCESS!!!! every row lined up as it should and I was able to complete my first solo quilt on my new system.
This is the top now. It is somewhat smaller at 31 x 42, but, hey!! it's quilted.

This is the back. You might be able to see the quilting on this picture.
So, you need to be careful about surfing the 'WEB'. You just never know what might get under your mouse and come to your house. No, I am not getting rid of Olivia. My plan for the future was to get a computerized system so that I could concentrate on my custom quilting more. I really want to get better at that. I had just not planned to do it for at least another year. No, all of my edge 2 edge (pantographs) won't be done on the new machine. Some people just don't like their quilts done by robotics. I will still be happy to 'walk' a pantograph for a customer.

For now, I have a lot of new technology to learn. And to think some of my friends want me to get a 'smart phone' too. If I get anymore 'smart' stuff right now, you may find me sitting on a beach somewhere with several cold adult beverages in my hand.

Alright, I just wanted to clear up a few 'myths' and bring you up to date with what is going on. I do hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Slammin' New Year. If you win the lottery, please remember that I am your friend.

Let's go sew,